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SMS Services for your business and services

Is your business running under losses and you want the immediate yet affordable solution to recover? Your desire can get wings of perfection via the assistance of low-priced bulk SMS service benefits. SMS is a unique and effective way for promoting a company or business organization.

Our Telecommunications Services

Our Telecommunications Services From small business to large, enterprise-level projects, we have a custom solution for your company.

Bulk SMS Services

Send a short text message to a large number of recipients with the press of a button! We've priced our Bulk SMS service for economy and efficiency. Conveniently update customers, send important reminders, offer bonuses and incentives, confirm bookings, and more.

Voice SMS

Create blanket communications with our Voice SMS service. It allows you to create simple, pre-recorded voice broadcasts that reach your entire network. It even caters for people who can't read texts or do not have a smartphone.

SMS Reseller

Build your business on the back of our expertise with SMS Reseller. With minimal effort, you can get your own SMS website online. Through our bulk SMS Gateway, you can be the provider of our extraordinary service. You're company name up front; our expertise under the hood.

Features that make us smart

Scalable Platform

Send millions of SMS messages with a personalized touch. Reach out in bulk; speak to your customers in real time.

Dynamic Options

Our tools allow you to organize your communications in a SMART way. Improve both customer care and efficiency.

Competitive Pricing

Get SMS innovation at competitive rates. We'll help you build a service package to match your goals and your budget.

Track KPIs Smarter

Our tools allow you to organize your communications in a SMART way. Improve both customer care and efficiency.

Gatekeeper Control

Control your interactions with our robust platform. Easily customize the entire telecommunications experience.

Secure and Private

Safely communicate with your customer and client network. Our services shield your user's security and privacy.


Experience world class messaging with Karix’s advance business solutions that make SMS integration for enterprises simple. Karix’s SMS platform enables enterprises to easily integrate with Business APIs and harness the power of SMS as a medium to communicate with their target customers.

Transactional Alerts

APIs and on-premise SMS solutions for alerts such as account balance or transaction notification.

User Verification (OTP)

Multi-channel retrial to ensure your OTP SMS will be delivered in time.

Promotional SMS

Build SMS campaigns based on specific user behavior.


Our SMS platform provides the most sought after services and features for complete client engagement, from acquisition to retention.

Scalable SMS platform that can do over 20,000 transactions per second.

Support for Plaintext, Unicode, Binary, WAP, Flash and Port Message formats

Home carrier routing with direct connectivity with 9 telecom operators in India

Global connectivity with multiple carriers to support messages across the world